Zooming Figures modification

I’ve tweaked Kirupa’s 3D zooming figures script but there’s one more thing I want to customize it with but cannot figure out how to do it.

Basically I want to execute a command (goto another scene and stop the script) when one of the movieclips (call it figureC) reaches a certain point on the z axis.

Is it a case of adding another if clause at the top of the chunk of code below?

if (this.z > 5500){
this.z = 5500;
this.dir = -1;
else if (this.z < -300){
this.z = -300;
this.dir = 0;

not sure what you mean. for my footer in the contest i used hitTest in combination with z distance to calculate when something was bumped.

yes… more or less. Those if/else statements control the back and forth movement of the figures. Depending on how you want your ‘figures’ to move, these statements may change or not even exist. If you dont want them to go back and forth, you can ommit them… but it sounds like you may instead want to edit them to have a goto call when the z reaches a certain point … whether more than 5500? or maybe less thatn -300? Its up to you based on what you use in that if statement.