Zooming text

hi everyone. im new to flash 5. ive seen flash animatios & they look just awesome. my question is, how can i make text zoom in? ive got an idea for an animation for my website & will appreciate any help. thanx

just make the text a symbol and scale it in a timeline.

how do i scale the text in a timeline? i just got flash 5 today. so please forgive all the questions but just wanna hurry up & learn how to amke an animation

he’s a one-sentence-with-actionscript-in-it-if-possible kind of guy. But a very good Flasher.

OK, this is pretty basic :
A. Write a word in your scene
B. Select it with the arrow tool and press F8. Select Movie Clip. You’ll be able to scale it and use it as an image, and not text.
C. Go to frame 10 in your timeline, and press F6. This will create a frame there, identical to the first one. Select the text in the 10th frame.
D. 2 possibilities : One of the last buttons on your left (1 big square, 1 small and an arrow) will change the scale. Or open the transform panel, check constrain and put 200 or more in the box.
E. Right-Click in your timeline between frame 1 and 10 and choose Tween Motion.
F. Press Ctrl+return.
There you go.