_level0 problems

I have a new problem :m:
I want to have one code for all the buttons, so when I release button with instance name 001 flash opens in a container 001.swf but when I use this code, It want always open ‘_level0.main.001.swf’ and when I try to play it in the index.swf it wants to open ‘_level0.content.main.001.swf’.
My movie has a 1.swf with a mc called ‘content’, in that mc 2.swf is loaded and 2;swf contains also a mc ‘content’ and that mc has to load 001.swf
That ‘main’ stands for the mc that contains the buttons.
This is the code I use:

topNavArray = ["001", "001", "002", "003", "004", "005"];

for (var i = 0; i<topNavArray.length; i++) {

	but = this[topNavArray*];
	but.i = i;
	but.onRollOver = function() {
		var myColor = new Color(this);
	but.onRollOut = function() {
		var myColor = new Color(this);
	but.onRelease = function() {
		if (_parent.section != this + ".swf") {
			_parent.section = this + ".swf";


I hope somebody can fix this!

Instance names cannot begin with numbers.

Is that the only reason it won’t work??

I don’t know, give it a try.

Still the same problem :frowning:
now it’s asking for _level0.main.test.swf

Can i see your fla?