_parent what is it?
What do you use it for?
How do you use?

basically this thread is all about _parent

I hope someOne can help me with common knowledge

I’m still new to AS so I’m not 100% sure. I believe _parent refers to the movie clip or object that contains the _parent script. For example you have a movie clip that contains the AS:

_parent.gotoAndStop(20 );

This tells flash to stay inside that movieclip, go to frame 20 of that same movie clip and stop.

I hope that helped you understand it a lil bit more.

_parent refers to the timeline that contains the movie clip, not the timeline inside of the movie clip.

Say you have a movieclip called “Movie1” on the main timeline, but inside that movie clip you have another movieclip called “Movie2”, and on the timeline of “Movie2” you have an action that uses _parent. This action will take you the timeline of “Movie1”.

_root takes you all the way back to the main timeline btw.

Thanks for clearing that up, I was starting to confuse myself. :stuck_out_tongue: