_root mc access via external swf?

i have an external swf loaded into a empty mc on the main timeline
and i am needing to target a specific frame of another mc on the main timeline
from a specific frame in the external swf.
current code:


list being the instance of the other mc on the main timeline …
what am i doing wrong …?
thanks in advance…

I don’t think there is a problem with the code, it looks correct. I’d start looking for a different problem. I’ll take a look if you want to post the .fla file.

your missing the instance name of the empty movieclip thats why its not working it should look something like this


I thought ‘list’ was the instance name of the Empty MC, and he already has that in the code. Maybe I’m not understanding. Did grim Death’s advice work sky_vault?

copy and paste your code so we can see what instance name your defining for the emptymovieclip

let me clarify a bit what im trying to do here
on the main timeline sits a mc instance of list
i am loading external swfs into a container clip into the maintimeline
and with each different loaded swf i am trying to access a specific frame
in the list mc that is already on the maintimeline
so i hope that clears it up some

this action is just sitting in a early frame of each external swf to move the list mc
to correct frame and i have played with the _root and _parent var with no success

the instance of the empty clip is container
the instance of the mc im trying to access is list

thanks for the effort boys but it is not working …
and the material in the project is release date sensitive stuff or i would
post up the fla’s. thanks again it looks like im on my own on this one.