_width of a text box

I have been trying for days to control the width of a movie clip that has editable text in it without causeing it to scale. I would like the text box to get bigger and the text inside to wrap. \r\rAnyone know how to do this?

When you double click on the text to edit it, is there a little white box in the upper right hand corner of the text box? if there is then all you have to do put the cursor over that little box and it will then let you change the width of the text box.\r\rIf you have a little white circle then do the same thing and after you change the width the circle will change to a box.\r\rHope this helps,\rMatt

Thanks for the reply, but I didn’t make my question completely clear.\r\rI am using actionscript to control a movieclip dynamically at runtime. This movieclip contains a textbox that I want to wrap, instead it scales.\r\rmy_clip._width = 200;\r\rNow when the script changes it to say 300 the text becomes bigger instead of staying the same size and wrapping to the previous line.\r\rAny ideas how to change the size of the text box causing it to wrap instead of scale?