Resizing a text a box

This might seem like a stupid question, but how do you resize a text box without it scaling up? I have a blank stage which I want to have a text box on which fits the dimensions exactly, but when i type in the values in the Property inspector, it scales the text up.

any help appreciated. thanks

what do you mean by scaling up?

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ok just click on the stage with a blank box, with no text in there. then enter the properties. THEN add your text and that should do it. otherwise while typing just eye it…

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**a lot of the “little brother” syndrome lately. :sigh: **

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as for the scaling up, i mean it scales it up so it looks either to long or too wide. I was trying to do this in a symbol, and then I tried it on the main stage and it worked… so I just copied and pasted the text into the symbol and it works fine.

When you double click your textbox it opens it for editing (where you can select the text and type in more, etc). Well when you do that, on one of the corners you will see a square of a circle (depending on the type of textbox), just click and drag that to resize.

If it is inside a movie clip you have to double click your movie clip symbol, then double click your textbox symbol.

Glad you got it fixed though.