drew it in my colleges critical thinking class ( English 1c).

think i should color it?

Kinda freaky… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you could color it in like some of those artworks on www.gfxartist.com ?

Kinda freaky we posted the same idea too at the same time :slight_smile:

just a glimpse at what is in the mind of Edwin, our tortured artist…

hahah!..o ice strated coloring it…its coming it very good. I’ll post the final soon :slight_smile: till then i’ll just attach a quick sketch

That is kinda scary… I LOVE IT!!!

A friend of mine does some nice artwork in that creepy type style… but she scans hers and uploads them to her site because she doesn’t have Photoshop or anything. (if you are interested in seeing it you can find it here)

I can’t wait to see the colored style.

cool! :slight_smile: I have no idea what that’s supposed to be… but hey! COOL! I like it!

Hey vts31. I love the head with the tounge sticking out of it. Did you learn to sketch or did it come natural. I’ve been looking for some tutorials on te net on how to sketch like you do. Know of any good info or tuts out there on how to draw detailed like that?:smirk:

nothing is natural really…but humm i just kinda practiced a lot and now stuff just comes out.

oh i checked out her site. some really cool stuff there…she should keep drawing shes gonna be dope

Hey… I will tell her you said that. I am sure she will be very pleased.

I don’t know if she draws much anymore since she is so busy with college, but I know she doodles a helluva lot and a lot of those doodles are totally kickass.

A lot of the drawings she has scanned on her site were actually bigger, but she could only fit part of it into her scanner and couldn’t get the whole thing… then she sized it down through her scanning editor program thing.

i got off my lazy ass and started coloring…this is what i have so far…i think the color looks like Poo.

o i made the eyes green cause of the comment about me being a tortoured soul hhaha. ( my eyes are green btw)

Yeah it kinda does look like POO…lol.

It is very good so far. I like the shadows and highlights :slight_smile:

i might also end up doing sometihng like this…

I like the colors on the second one better, but they are both phat.

Actually, how big are the files? they would make some pretty twisted wallpapers…

yeah, i like the second too!!

The second one is way better. I wouldn’t make it to dark though. :slight_smile: