1, 2 Step - Missy Elliott

I must say, this song makes no sense at all. First, the first line reads “this is a jazzy fizzle for a dark shizzle” is completely illogical.

First, fizzle, according to UrbanDictionary, means ‘A person who either, sucks at life, or has no direction in life.’ So I’m forced to ask, how can somebody be a jazzy person that sucks at life? I guess that makes some sense, but onto the next part, which is yet less logical.

The phrase “dark shizzle” has little meaning as well. According to UrbanDictionray, the definition is I concur, my african american friend. This would infer a verb in the first person singular. How might one go about having a dark concurrence with an african american friend? You must realize dark is an adjective, and occurding to our definition and inference, shizzle is a verb. As far as I know, a adjective is unable to describe a verb. You need a adverb for that, and dark is certainly not an adverb!

Sorry for this random rant. I hate rap. I’m stuck with my friend listening to it next to me right now.