What the _____?

When I can’t figure out what people are talking about here and most every other board, I have to turn to the Urban Dictionary, http://www.urbandictionary.com/. Must be my age or my hatred of the rape of the English language that clouds my mind when I read words like suss or prolly.


“rape of the English language”? are you talking about sexuly rapeing a langue???!?!?

hmm your odd

Hey never seen that before but what keeps people from putting in bad defintions for words

The fact they’re being controlled and deleted.

when that site 1st came out it was the wosrt place ever. such as if u did a look for the term “white girl” it whould say girl who likes black guys. or something like that. they have all sorts of wrong defnetions stell on that site.

yeah, but you can report stupid definitions to mods. like I did, on one occasion. their definition of [censored] was horribly wrong :slight_smile: they even sent me a nice mail thanking me for my contribution. unfortunately, it was an automated message :frowning:

prolly isn’t a slang word, as such.

Yeah but I didn’t know what prolly meant for days when I first heard it. I think it counts as a rape of the English language.

rape…or laziness. hmmm

Ow come on guys, even I figured out what prolly meant on my own, and I live in Belgium :hugegrin:

AH! And I didn’t know what “ow” meant either. I always thought you guys were in pain. I’m much more used to “oh”.

Yeah, prolly is pretty easy to figure out, but I still don’t know what suss means. Stupid site blocker at work won’t let me in to urbandictionary, either.

Me neither lol :smiley:

Aha, looked it up, kinda obvious once you know it:

[indent]Short for suspect or suspicous. ([color=red]Mostly used by semi-paranoid drug user’s[/color]).

  1. To describe a dickhead or someone unliked.
  2. Acting suspicous in a situation when it is innapropriate. (Theft or While on Drugs)
  3. To betray or ‘dog’ someone.
  4. To be ‘sussed’/‘sussed out’ or watched closely by police or anyone.
  5. To closely monitor or know anything well.

1. "He’s a suss-***.(Suspect)"
2. “Stop looking so suss.(Suspicous)”
3. “Yeah he ‘sussed’ me with that money he was supposed to pay me back.”
4. “That cop is sussing us out”
“That cop had us ‘sussed’/‘sussed out’.”
5. "I had the whole plan ‘sussed’/‘sussed out’.


Haha :lol:

haha, this dictionary is hilarious …

be sure to check out as well