1 list item control several movieclips?


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I have an exhibitor list that loads from xml…and I have a booth layout that loads from a separate xml…I have two arrays set up so that the rented booths are stored first, and the exhibitors are stored in a separate array side by side…
if you click on an exhibitor in the list you will see the associated booth highlight in the mainwindow (and minimap too)…however if you notice, there are multiple entries in the list for some exhibitors, this is because they may rent several booths…I want to condense the exhibitor list to have one entry per exhibitor, but have the entry control all their booths, so if you click an exhibitor with 2 booths both of them would light up even though there was only one entry in the list…is this even possible with the list component provided by flash? if so can anyone point me in the right direction?