Cant get my head around this one

Ok…I have two swf…a standard view and a “full screen” view…by default the standard view loads and there is a button to switch to full screen…when the standard view loads to begin with…the exhibitor list on the left works fine with the booths in the floorplan…meaning when you click an exhibitor, the corresponding booth lights up…however, when you load the second swf…which loads to _level0 using the following cose loadMovie(“standard-0.48.xml”, _level0); the exhibitor list does not work quite the same…when I click on an exhibitor now, the color for the whole floorplan changes, and does not change back…and if you click the standard view button, it goes back to the standard view, but again when you click an exhibitor, the color of the whole plan changes…any idea how to fix this?

you can see the results at