$10 Paypal reward for the first person to answer this simple quetsion

I’ve been trying to target frames in flash for about three weeks, now. Books, tutorials, forums, you name it. I had no problem learning the basics until I got to this. Part of the problem seems to be that I’m on a mac and that Flash MX has different controls than some other non-mac versions. For example, Kirupa has a seemingly good article on linking to HTML frames from a button, but when I read it… none of the panels it says to click even exist. Someone tried to just give me the code, but when I put it in… it gives me error messages.

Here’s what I have:

A simple scene with 7 buttons.

I just need to assign actions to each button so they link to an HTML page in a SPECIFIC frame of a frameset. I use frames with ease in HTML, but I just don’t understand assigning this action to a button.

I’m tired of wasting time on this. Weeks, literally. So, this is probably a very simple one for you guys… an easy $10. (Via Paypal) You all would probably answer it for free, but this is a little incentive since I’m in a hurry and in a jam. Once I figure this out, I’m FREAKING done with this stuff. I’ll know all I need to know to finish my websites.

Again, in Flash MX version 7.0 (Mac) (Or Windows if you know how the two are different and can explain the process without using panels that don’t exist, i.e. “basic actions”… which is NOT anywhere in this version)

I just need to add a get URL function to a button. Even when I do add one and type in an address WITHOUT frames, it gives me an error message. I’m likely missing some step, but I don’t know what.

First person to give me an answer gets the cash. If you want to e-mail me, my address is: thenukes at yahoo dot com. I can IM with you if it makes it easier.

Many, many thanks in advance. I’m about to kill myslef with this stuff.