Flash Interface button and html help

Hey there. I have made a Flash interface with 4 buttons. I know how to link them to standard webpages but the page I have made is in frames. Basically when i click a button I want the page to open in main frame so the banner and interface dont have to be loaded again every time a new page is opened.

With dreamweaver it easy to do this but I don’t know how to carry the actions over to my flash interface.

In the getUrl(); method, use the frame name in place of the location. Use quotes. So if your frame was called “mainContent” then you could use

getURL(“www.centerspin.com”, “mainContent”);

remember that the default for “location” is not expression… so if you put in a frame name in quotes, you’ll have to click on the expression check box to the right to make it format like it is above.

Spot on, exactley what I was after.

Thanks for ya help :smiley: