100% width & height tiling

Ok, so loving the duplicate background tutorial, it is the natural extension I was trying to work into my 100% width and height backgrounds i have been putting into flash (code at bottom).

The question I have is, the duplicate background tutorial only works for the defined space of the flash stage, ie: if the stage is 900x600 - the background will duplicate for that, but anything beyond is just the stage color.

How can I make the background duplicate across the entire browser window.

Here is the code being used for my 100% w/h backgrounds (not tiled):

// Control stage size without content resize.
Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
_root.bgFull_mc._width = Stage.width;
_root.bgFull_mc._height = Stage.height;
var myListener:Object = new Object();
myListener.onResize = function() {
	_root.bgFull_mc._width = Stage.width;
	_root.bgFull_mc._height = Stage.height;

Help is appreciated.