1002 Things to do with Kirupa's Head

UPDATE: This thread has been repurposed (twice, now) to bring back the original thread it sought out. The new purpose: Find kirupa’s head, and do something clever and creative with it (but keep it within good taste; remember, we all love kirupa!)

omigarsh, I just found this awesome picture I made many millennia ago when rummaging through a bunch of backups. I’ve been trying to find the original thread for which the picture was made - something about Kirupa and his head (lots of pictures of kirupa’s head in places) - but it’s nowhere to be found! How sad.

I was going through some old images and found a few of these. This is one of my favorites. Couldn’t find the original thread, but it seems it was lost once before too, and this one was supposed to replace it, but no posts? Maybe they got lost too…


Oh, man! Too bad the original thread got lost from the great hack of 2006. Or…was that a good thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

If only I had photoshop. And talent.

Found this just now: http://www.kirupa.com/lab/propaganda.htm


Ah the classic mini mods. It always annoyed me that 2 of my eyes didn’t match the other 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

love the ie pitcher in hand :slight_smile:

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From @lnsiu, 1 thing to do with @TheCanadian’s head:

Where is that from? I can’t really read or understand it…

scariest coolaid man ever

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I used to use that “weirded out” picture all the time back in the day. I wonder if people even remember Teen Girl Squad now-a-days! #kids


Pssh. Kids! Do your homework!

I was recalling “The Wizard” the other day to someone only a little younger than myself and they didn’t know what I was talking about. WHAT? How can you not know about the movie that introduced Super Mario Bros 3 to the US?!? I remember my jaw literally dropping when that happened in the theater.

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Head source: https://forum.kirupa.com/u/kirupa



Hahaha! Necessity is the something something of invention :books:

“Accelerate to attack speed!”

Head source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWCt2mBcOrk