Kirupa Mini Mods (now in color!)

I was bored today so I decided to brush up on my Illustrator skills. Here’s a lil something I put together that depicts some of the moderators here on this forum, enjoy. =)

[colorized version by eilsoe]

HAHA. thoes are really cool!!!

P.S that wasnt a cool magic trick you played on me =)

wow thats really good electron… kirupa looks all scary psycho… nice

i really like it… throw some color in those and they will be uber super good

really awesome looking - I do look scary! :slight_smile:

Kirupa looks like a psycho michael jackson! lol

Me and Lost look like thugs!

Egeek that is freakin’ awesome! I love it!

haha glad you guys like it. I’m thinking of throwing those lil suckers into flash and making a short animation. :stuck_out_tongue:

throw me in there to, lol :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant wait to see the final outcome!!! :slight_smile:

I had no idea all the mods were buff thugs!

kirupa looks like an agent.

Yes. We are.

Cool stuff, EG!

I think David looks the coolest dude. Totally. I’ve always had a crush on him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eg: Those are AWESOME! As Jubba said you kinda made us look like thugs, but aside from the thuggishness you portrayed me pretty darn good!

I vote these go in the Kirupa Propaganda section!

lol thats really great!! =)

good job Electrongeek! =) you got Mad Illustrator skillz =)

cool! These look like hitmen! :slight_smile:

~HA! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome EG =)

ps, if you make a small movie about us, make ME the insane one that runs around in the background swatting non-existant killer bees, ok? :wink:

excellent. I look soooo vicious.

I also love that you threw both our cuties in half shirts. Way to go. :slight_smile:

Very cool!! Good job! =)

We look like something out of Reservoir Dogs. :slight_smile: Way, way cool. :beam:

If I could make that my wallpaper at work, I would. :slight_smile:

I smacked some color on it =)

check post #1 in this thread to see it, or look here:

im not sure if its been suggested yet or not but you could make a flash verion where you have to base body and then people can choose hair and stuff and basically make them selfs… i know place have south park ones and stuff but im sure we could make one specially for

that would be cool…