10kai Media

First time poster! Anyways, I like this place. Think I may be a frequent visitor now.

Allow me to show you something I’ve been working on. Turn up the sound, strap on the headphones, download Flash 6 and Quicktime 6, sit back and prepare to laugh at my horrid attempt at a website.


wow! whaddya mean horrid! it’s brilliant. I esp love the splash page and the backgrounds etc! and the intro is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages! rofl gg!

not to mention your great work of course :wink:

holy CRAP! hahahahaha GO GET EM POINTER!!

omg…thats nice stuff…rily impressive!

excellent stuffs! :slight_smile:

Very unique design work gg.

lol…wel ya got me here…I might as well comment on it here too :wink:
You know I love it…lol…being a huge godzilla buff…and your crimeboss vid is top notch bro…man I got to start flashin again

  • Very nice and crisp intro page
  • Creative Godzilla stuff