120 gig Western Digital Internal HD UBERsale

I just wanted to show ya’ll this awesome deal from best buy,
$70 for a 120 gig WD internal ultra ata/100 hd!
the sale
hehe, i just bought two. best buy has such awesome timing :love:


nice nice nice! :slight_smile:

120 gigs only?? man you should get a 250gb one

grimmy :P:P heheh 120 + 120 = 240, 240 for 140 = uberdeal… thats only 56 cents a gig!

i’m RAIDing two of those hdds right now. I guess I could use more space…


I’ve been having trouble with WD lately, they used to be good, but the last 3 WDs I bought each through their ball bearings after only about 6 months, and I lost all my data…
I’ve since stopped buying WD…

really? crap thats not good at all. :-/

*Originally posted by redGolgi *
**really? crap thats not good at all. :-/ **

Don’ worry, make Backups!
Not trying to scare you, it could just be the ones I’m getting in my area, is all…
'Sides, right now, my Drives are the only thing still working on my PC… my motherboard and CPU are shot, and I have to get the right kind of RAM before I can even get my new Motherboard to run…

:smiley: thanks for the reassurance. i backup anyway, but as soon as i get an external HD i will prob start backign up ev day, if i lose my data im screwed!

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue: and take care :stuck_out_tongue:


oh man :frowning: back up to 130 bucks :frowning: