New Computer, is this enough hd space?

I’ve just purchased a new computer, and I’m a little etchy on if I bought enough hard drive space. I currently use my computer for programming, web dev, and graphic design. I’m expecting to use a total of 5 GBs worth of program files for all my needs, but I know I must account for security updates and misc other things I might install or want.

The computer I bought has 160 GBs, and I’m also planning on getting a second slave drive around 200 GBs for storage of files.

I’m expecting this computer to last me for the next 5 years, do you think this is enough space?

160 GB of hard drive space? wow. my hd is 26 GB and that’s much more than i need. are you editing a ton of video or something?

Nah, I burn a lot of home movies, but I usually do that on my slave. It’s just all the hype about software bloating that I’m afraid of. Some people mention that 80 GBs isn’t enough these days, which I didn’t fill up at all on my old computer. But I remember 5-10 years ago when 4 GBs was huge.

360 total gigs should be sufficient.

The only way I see you running out of space is if you start ripping whole movies from your DVD collection to your hdd without compressing them or if you do a lot of work with video.

Worst case scenario, in three years you run out of space and have to dump your 160 gb drive for a 500 gb drive…you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


That makes me feel a bit better about it. Seeing as how I store the majority of my files on my slave drive, I can’t imagine myself using 100 GBs of Program Files.

What size hard drives do most of you guys use, and how often do you purchase new computers?

i’m having trouble filling up my 80+30 GB harddisks :sigh:

360gb is more that sufficient! Cheez, Ive only got 40Gb and Ive only got 8Gb left which is making my computer lag. But hey, doesnt having two hd’s on the one computer make your comp processing slow?

Not necessarily. For example, you could go for a RAID-0 Striping setup ! Lightning, baby ! :thumb:

360 GB is more than you’ll probably ever need. I’d say go for 100GB, and you can still buy another one later if you’d run out of space.

I mainly need new components right now. Im planning to see if I can get my computer upgraded from:

  1. 2.0 to 2.8ghz/3.0ghz P4
  2. New board (asus P4P800s)
  3. 256mb to 1024 ddr
  4. 40gb to 160gb

for $800 AUD which is $463.733 Euro / $18706.94 Belgian / $572.66 US

yeah, the pre-mp3 era was classic. we had a 4GB, 233mhz PII with MMX technology. i thought we’d never fill up those 4 GB.

I dont use more than 40 gigs across 3 computers with content accumulated from over 7 years. :hangover:

omg!!! 160! i probably wouldn’t be able to get a comp like that! lol jk. I’m working on 60gig and its pretty good but what you must must must have is speed. you want to have a speed equal to the hard drive. When i got my computer, i was moving from 200kz (or whatever you say for speed) to 1.4 mb speed and that was amazing for me. Once i started loading up on programs my comp started slowing down. it takes like 5/7 minutes to open photoshop 7 and about the same amount for 3ds max. so i would stock up on speed more than space.

I think I just have OCD when it comes to hard drive space and computer speed. It’s never enough and I worry if I made the right choice considering the amount of money I spent. The computer I’m on right now is a 1.8 GHz, 1 gb ram, 80 GB hd w/ 80 gb slave hd, and a 64 mb graphics card. It treated me fine for four years, and I still use it now for programming and graphics with no problem. I still have 50 GBs left on my primary as well.

The new one I’m getting is 3.4 GHz HT, 1 GB Ram, 160 GB HD, possible a 200 GB slave, and a 256mb ATI Radeon. It cost quite a big amount of money, so I just want to make sure it will last me at least 4 years with no trouble.

Definitely ! 360 GB is more than you’ll probably ever use, and those other components are pretty high on performance so you’ll surely make 4 years with it.

sigh I remember a time, when dad bought a new computer, back when I still thought a RAM stick was some sort of kebab. We had a 4 speed burner. A FOUR SPEED BURNER! Man it was fast. No one else in town had that kind of power.


Kind of equal in comparison to the DVD Burners now, but you can never burn at their max anyway, it’s said it’ll just cause read errors later down the line. Have you ever tried burning a 4.4 GB DVD on 1x? Takes nearly an hour.

Heh, I remember sitting behind an old Mac back from '84 … there was this game on it, in which you had to move your red square through the green square maze … and you could create your own maze too. I was addicted to that game. Aah, old times :love:

man I dont even have a DVD burner. It took me about an hour to burn a CD on 4x back in the day (mind you that was before I worked out you could turn off “testing mode”)

I think someone mentioned a RAID array earlier, you might want to get in on that. You got yourself the speed and the reliability of two drives built into one (with the recent HD deaths Ive been hearing about, it seems like a better time than ever to start protecting yourself with RAID +redundancy).

Neither do I. I don’t see the use in a DVD burner. In fact, I have a pretty crappy computer, always had. From 1999 to 2003 I had a Celeron 500Mhz with 96 MB RAM. Today, I have a 1.3 Ghz Athlon with 640 MB RAM. Good that I put that extra RAM in it, I wouldn’t survive otherwise. I’m like, a generation behind. Why do computers have to cost that much ? :frowning: