1st post! Shadow question

Hello everyone! I just this site recently and been reading the boards and such. Everyone seems to be a friendly, knowledgeable bunch.

Quick little background on me (tech wise): Been designing websites since… uh… 1997 … i think :slight_smile: sounds right. Anywoo… so I know what’s going on and I dabbled a bit in flash 3 and 4… (so very long ago) . I use ASP/CSS/HTML for my sites and will hopefully taking on XML and XHTML soon. I just started seriously learning flash because I need to get my website up and running and thought ‘what the hell’.

The tutorials here have been very helpful (much better than flashkit I think) but still takes some time to get your head around which effect I can adapt and use where for a full flash site.

I designed my site in PS and had a PNG hack going on for this transparent shadow I had around the site’s layout. Now I want to replicate it in flash. I’ve read the shadow tutorial and it isn’t quite what I’m looking for. Same goes for the build in timeline drop shadow effect.

It really wouldn’t be as big a deal if it was a square or something, I could do some black-to-transparent gradient and figure something out for the corners… but it’s a box with rounded edges… how am I suppose to do that?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!