2-3 hours of AS 3 Coding

i am searching an AS3 Coder for roundabout 2-3 hours of coding to finish an intro. The application:

  • reads the image name of up to 10 pics out of a XML file (already done)
  • loads the bitmaps into an array (already done)
  • shows the first 3 images side by side (already done)
  • fades every 1-2 seconds an image from the rest of the array over one of the 3 existing(to code)
  • goest to an URL after XXX seconds (to code)

Layout is done. The initial loading, Array push and placement of the images is already done. It’s only about the exchange of the images and going to the URL.

All is directly scripted in the .fla file - not too much: around 90 lines of not very compact code - and like always it is pretty urgent :slight_smile:

Immediate payment when it’s done.