2 buy or not 2 buy?

Here goes:
Processeur Intel Pentium 4540 3.2 GHz.
Hyper Treading.
3.2 GHz. bus
FSB à 800 Mhz.
1 Mo level 2 cache
Chipset Intel : 915P.
Drive: Maxtor : 250 Go. 7200 tours/min. 16 Mo cache. Série ATA.
Siemens RAM: 512 Mo DDR - RAM. Technologie DDR 400.

(from french, rest in french too, sorry): [SIZE=4]full spec’s here[/SIZE]

€1099 is about $1,396.38 USD,
does that sound ok?
No screen, incl. mouse&keyboard&speakers;
DVD reader & burner, tons of softs etc…

Need an answer fast, as this a supermarket deal with only a few available tomorrow morning!!!