2 newbie questions

I’ve avoided really delving into AS until now, and am working in 3.0, mostly because if I’m going to learn AS, i figure 3 is the best to learn. I have two questions on which I’d love some guidance on how to execute.

  1. I have a dynamic text field that has a default value of ZERO. on the click of a button, I want to increment the value of that text field. So on click of button A, value goes from 0 to 1, on click of another button, it goes to 2, etc. This dynamic text field has the instance name userScore. Related question, I’d like to be able to send user to a new frame when the value of userScore = X (some # i’ll define).

  2. this should be simple, but I tried the suggestion here and didn’t succeed (got undefined function error)

All i need to do is onRelease of button, play sound from library.
So I have button notOK, and i want it to play sound X
and I have button OK, and i want it to play sound Y

sounds are wav files in library.