2 things

ok i am posting alot becoz people are good here and reply

1: how do you make your own scroll bar, i want it so the is a symbol at the bottom and top (up and down :-\ )

2: how do you make a navigation so there is a cylinda shape and when you click it “open” your words spin round and then stop but when you press close the keep spining, so you can not see them

a good example is on www.rockstargames.com

on the right click on “GAMES”

you see the way the hand comes round, i want that sort of thing

anyone think they can help

  1. Look at the tutes…

  2. Easy way: motion tween.
    Hard way: script.

Which one will it be?

pom :slight_smile:

well what tute

and i don’t no script

I haven’t checked all the tutorials here, but click the tutorials link at the top. I’d presume it would be under Flash MX, Advanced. It’s quite easy to make a scroller with your own images for the arrows if that’s what you’re after.

Look at the tutorials, if you don’t find something, then post again.

I didn’t see the effect your were talking about in the site you said.


i will check that and the scroll bar i am after i found on a GTA site


click on the HTML and then on NEWS

that scroll but in FLASH

This one workd dependent on the _y of the mouse - you could do it with invisible buttons above and below text box, if there was other content around the box (other wise moving the mouse up or down past certain coordinated would scroll it).

thanks FLEX

Q: are you anything to do with KIRUPA.com


O, ok

you are just really smart

No, not that smart either

well you allways post the stuff i need

speaking of that… do you no of any sites that have premade icons and stuff

icons of…?

anything like buttons, arrows anything really

http://www.flamingtext.com/ is ok.

thanks thats what i wanted

now i have to make a search thing, and a header for my site:-\