24-7media switched hosts?

It looks like instead of “Precision hosting by 2a” they are now powered by media temple. Does anyone know what is behind the switch? Thanks


I think media temple offerd a better hosting package.

i dont like Mt or 2a hosting lol:P

i know he just joined up with another outfit - perhaps its due to that - ill ask him

PR, is it somehting to do with 2AD’s involvement with the new site by Ingo?

I’m telling you, he should’ve stayed with 2ANet…

Sharif, how about he hosts where he wants to host? I mean, I know you must have had direct experiences with both hosts to know which one is better in your opinion (otherwise, how could you state somthing like that with such confidence?), but perhaps Ingo needs to find out what works for him.

Lost - I never said he has to host with 2ANET.

I found out recently some things about (mt).

They’re both great hosts - and that logo looks great on his site, I just thought 2A was cheaper and has a better server uptime.

Even if you didn’t say he has to, you expressed that you thought you knew what was best for him.

With a site like Ingos, he probably gets hosted for free. Thus is probably why he advertises the host on his site.

My guess for Ingos transfer to a different host comes from his troubles with the folks at ultrashock, some of which being people from 2A. If you don’t know the situation, check out Ingos forum and/or the ultrashock forum.

Will do that ;).