The new season starts today! There is a two hour season premiere today and another two hours of 24 tomorrow. Who all will be watching?

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omg, wow. just wow.

I just figured out how the story works (24 hours… 12 shows or something, 2 hours long, and it follows a day).

My question is… are there any episodes when everybody is asleep? It seems to me like those few episodes would be boring as hell.

24 hours, 24 shows, 1 hour long. It’s supposed to be in real time. (ie one minute in the show = 1 minute passed)

No, they’re all on days of national crisis, so the whole CTU (counter terrorist unit) is working 24 hour shifts until they rectify the problem.

I know a couple of people who are addicted to that show; I watched one episode a few weeks back where they had to lock themselves into an office because some type of gas was going off; Some big guy was locked out and he died; Needless to say I was COMPLETELY LOST:(

Does anyone watch House? LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

Well, so are you introduced to new characters every five minutes during the night as others go to sleep?

Oh, and I thought it was one guy fighting to get his daughter back… how is that related to terrorism?

You can always rely on Nokrev to ask thiose hard hitting questions

Seriously… I’m curious. I’ve never seen it.

As I was told you need to start from the beginning to understand what is going on:h:

I jumped on this season, and even then I missed about 2-3 episodes somewhere at the start. But I’m hooked right now, and I think I know more or less everything that’s going on (ok not everything, but enough).

So yea, from my experience you need not start right from the beginning.

I knew it man… I’ve been tellin my buddy the whole freakin time! I can’t stand that prick… couldn’t stand him sense last season

They don’t sleep, as implied by the “24 hour shift” :wink:

That was the plot 4 years ago.

OMG 24 gets better and better I swear to god.

I must say that some of their lines are a little lame.

(from the latest episode)
[spoiler=Possible]Jack: Bill I’m scared.[/spoiler]He sounds like a little baby.

[spoiler=Possible]Chloe: Jack I can’t believe the vice-president is involved with this.[/spoiler]
Oh wow, I never would have guessed!

I guessed it and then doubted, a little way into the season cause of the events that occured… but I couldn’t stand that prick since last season! Hope he gets no quarter and get a bullet to the head :wink: :smiley:

I was actually referring to what she said, as in “oh wow I never would’ve guessed that you can’t believe the…” :stuck_out_tongue:

but you could take it that way as well :smiley:

:lol: oh… my attention to detail in shows and movies sucks :smiley: :lol: I’d have to see it about 5 times before I picked up one line prolly :trout: