**2Advanced Or Theory7**

Which Flash Site Do You Like Better…




i like different things about both of them…i like thoery 7’s colors more though! But Eric Jordan makes sites look more profesional!

Hi there,

Both Theory 7 and 2Advanced are well designed, but I’m going to have to go with Theory 7 on this one.

** Why?**

  • More content
  • Great look and feel to the whole site.
  • Excellent navigation
  • It is easily visible that a tremendous amount of work went into the site.

Dan4885 mentioned that Eric Jordan designs better looking, more professional sites, and I think he does do a better job than the brother and sister team that operate Theory 7 (Forgot their names…). However, he was drifting a bit off topic, as the question was asking which site we like more based on that particular site, not the sites that they happen to make.

So, that’s half of the responses for 2Advanced, and half the responses for Theory 7, and I think that’s how it’s always going to be.


i spend alot more time at theory7 lol…cause of that little memory game…but 2advance is looking more professional.
but i think Theory7 gos for the look they have.
overall i like 2advance better though, better design

Holy @#%$ !!! How are you supposed to choose between those 2 ?

I like both, but Theory 7 has more stuff that one can do. I also like the ability to change backgrounds. Pretty slick!

That memory game is just awesome. Took me an hour to get in the hall of fame, but I’M THERE BABY !!! 22 hits guys, I’m challenging you.

Theory 7 is definitely more extraordinarier than 2 advanced.


theory 7… 2advanced is way to hyped!!!

what about…



hehe, when i looked at this topic, the replies were 7 and the views were 77, so in conclusion, i like 2advanced.