2d graphics artist for casual childrens games

We are looking for 2d graphics artists to provide assets for a number of casual game projects we are working on.

Each game is aimed to provide a short burst of entertainment (<5 minutes gameplay) as part of a larger virtual world.

The type of asset is obviously game dependant but will include splash screens, game text, character animations, backgrounds, effects. Our game engine is Flash based so experience in CS4 would be a benefit.

These are paying projects (paid on completion) but we will need to own all copyright on all assets.

If you are interested we will need examples of recent work and potentially may require a test piece of work completing (which we can pay for) before committing to a larger project.

We are UK based and so UK artists would be ideal, south east UK perfect so that we could go over work occasionally in person.

If you are interested then please get in touch either on the forum or email via splundig {a t} googlemail [d o t] [COLOR=White][COLOR=Black]c[/COLOR]c[/COLOR]o m