Making a Video Game, Need a 2d graphic artist!

Making a Video Game, Need a 2d graphic artist! There is NO pay involved, but when the game is finished we’ll sell it and split the money. I have a PROGRAMMER already! I need a 2d graphic artist that can do small graphics tile and character’s both 32x32 !! please help me ouit

Either post here or leave AIM and EMAIL!

aim: youngpcguys com (space not period)

email: [email protected]


What kind of graphic style…?


although i have not very much time atm, i think i could do it… will have more time in about 3 weeks… write me an email about the details, and i will tell you if i will help you…

Well, I would need to ask my Programmer for more detail’s, Do any of you have AIM? my email is: [email protected]

thanks alot!

This game should be awesome. Once I get a graphic artist and it start’s production, I will make a Website for it!!!

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This game should be awesome.

Prove it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok people. I got some screenshots to show you what it’s gonna like (what we want it to at least)

check it out!
Soul do you try to be immature? lol

well, you can send me an email by clicking on the button below this post. and i do not have aim, only msn-messenger and icq

send me an email and then ill reply, because i do not want to post my email in public…

you want to make a game like gta? well, in which language (c, c++, java, probably even flash?) ?

would be a honor to work on such a game
currently playing vice city on the pc, and i really love it :love:

gta rocks

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**Soul do you try to be immature? lol **

Not being immature, just wanna see what you can do! :stuck_out_tongue:

… boo boo head! :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol, soul I was just kidding bro! Fishtank, i did send a email. send me a email from your email. My programmer is making this is C++ i believe!! Yes kinda like GTA2 TOP VIEW, not FPS like GTA3! I am gonna download MSN ok?

Please let me know more if your intersted

well, i understood, but i did not receive any email so far…

Well, let me go download MSN ok? how long you on for today?

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**how long you on for today? **

Looks like he isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol, your a punk. YOu got AIM or MSN? soul?

watch out soul, he’s on to ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

A punk? What you mean… aye… aye!? :angry:

Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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You da punk of the forums? lmao just messing with you bro. I love doing this crap. Do you have MSN or AIM? lets chat a lil bit bro!

I guess I’m the joker of the forum if thats what you mean, one of them anyway! :thumb:

Yup I’ve got MSN

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i love your new f00ter, s0ul. its great. great colors. my absolute favorite. without animation, but still the best.

im online 24 hours a day

Thanks fishtank!! :thumb:

:beam: happy

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