2entwine: Gush Flash IM 1.0

I have just downloaded Gush 1.0 and it really looks great. The program of course is a desktop flash application using the Jabba XXMP network. More so, on the side like msn, it has a RSS tab reader for all news even web design. You can also customise your bg which will be more clearer than the msn chat windows having a higher res. Its free from www.2entwine.com.

One of the problem is it is a desktop flash app unlike msn, yahoo. This may therefore contribute to computer slown down if the program runs along side open apps such as [DW] [flash]… etc.

The program has only released their first version so in time, the program will become more impressive and reliable.

edit: im going to like the bg option alot with any pic i can choose :stuck_out_tongue: