2nd copy of mc... I want no actions attached?


I made a copy of an entire object that has buttons, actions, sounds, etc. attached… the second copy (a smaller version) I don’t want any of the actions, buttons, sounds, etc. attached… how do I do that without having to compromise the original object… a mask?

Thank You!

Edit the movie clip, select and copy everything, create a new clip, paste in place, remove everything you want, and you’re done.

pom 0]


I want the second smaller image to look exactly like the actual object but with no interaction… the problem is, I was able to remove actions… but there are a lot of buttons on this object… if I mess with the buttons, I mess with the buttons of the original object… I don’t know how else to word this, but can I not create some sort of transparent shield? :slight_smile:

try doing what pom said but try renaming it, so it’s different to the origional. I had this problem once but Upu kindly helped me out. You have to manually rename each mc copy.