Mc over buttons?

i got this mc and its over sum buttons… the thing is that i got a whole new scene in this mc and with its own buttons… but if i happen to put my mouse over the place where the buttons beneath the mc are i can click those to ? is there anyway to fix this without having to move the mc ?

If you don’t need the buttons, why do you put them at all ? If you really want to keep them, try and make them invisible, that turn them off.

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well lets just say that we got 1 main interface! and on that main interface we got buttons that do different things. when we press 1 of these buttons a mc is poping up with a new interface above the main interface.
now i dont want the old interface buttons to still be working beneath the new interace! but they still do… and i need to get a way to fix this! maybe this cleared it up alittle :stuck_out_tongue:

I would do this the hard way : when you press a button, set a flag to 1, and make it so that your buttons are active only if that variable equals 0. Ugly, but it works.
There might be a problem to get the variable back to 0 by the way…

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theres gotta be an easier way to fix this little problem of mine.,., isnt there like a way to make an mc “solid” ? i mean so nothing beneath it is affected.,., like those buttons ? cmon ppl someone on this badass forum gotta have something good to share : ) i remember asking way harder questions than this and got answers from all u flash gods out there !!

i dunno, pom’s idea don’t sound really hard for me. you just move the rest of the mc’s frames to leave the first frame blank. or is that what pom was saying? ^_^"

well i cant do that becouse i need all frames exactly w they are.,.,., oterwise i would have done it already.,.,
i could prolly think of sumthing else tho thats similar to that.,., but i was more interested if there was a way to fix this without having to move the frames and shiyt

tnx anyway


will make transparent, and inactivate all material within a movieclip with this set.
Buttons or rollover spots can be used to set the attributes to on or off.
The buttons, and any other elements which you want to disapear, should be placed inside a movie clip with an instance name.

Use MX, you can enable or disable buttons! New improved Flash is on it’s way!

kewl guys!! i am using MX so im gonna check it out!

tnx for the hlp!

sweet.,., im using the _visible=false; and it works just fine! tnx again!

dang… i used a

tellTarget ("_root.j-7.main_mc") {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _visible = false;

and it works for sure… but then i wanna be able to see that mc again and i tried with:

tellTarget ("_root.j-7.main_mc") {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _visible = true;
------------- and with----------------------
tellTarget ("_root.j-7.main_mc") {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _visible;

only problem is that none of em worked :frowning: is it just something wrong in the script ? or is it something else?

srry guys.,., just my clumsy ass.,., lol i fixed it so no sweat!! hehe

Maudit !! that’s what I said in the first post ! Why don’t people listen to me ?.. :smiley:

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