3 scene and a preloader problem

hi, i was wondering if someone could help me. i’m really stuck with this one. you see i have 3 scenes; 1 is the preloader, 1 is the main scene and the other is another scene with other info on it.

what i want to do, is, in the first scene i want the preloader to only load the second scene and not the third, and then i want to put a preloader at the end of the second scene to load the third scene. you follow.

is this possible. i hope so. can anybody help me out with this im in a dilly of a pickle.



try this, in your first preloader(I’m assuming you can already do a preloader) use if frameLoaded (the last frame of scene2). instead of using bytes or whatever. then in your second preloader use if frameLoaded(final frame of scene3).
do you understand what I mean?

PS. the movie will continue to load while scene2 is being played so with any luck scene3 will be finished or nearly finished loading by the time you get to the second preloader.