Preloader with scenes?

hello…\r\ri’m new to flash… just created a couple of lil silly cartoons @… \r\rmy problem is i have created these flash animations with separate scenes… and i’d like to set up a preloader at the beginning since one at least can be a pretty long download… but i’m not sure how to target a different scene since all i can find are options to target other frames… am i just missing something? is this possible? i’d luv the advice…\r\rkimeee. ; )\r[url=“”]

There is a way… of checking to see if a particular frame is loaded which would work for you. The code has been depreciated so I don’t normaly use it. I’ll have to look it up once I get home.\r\rFor future projects keep this in mind. It’s very easy to load separate swfs into a movie at run time. If you’re going to make scenes that are so large that each one would need to have a preloader, I’d suggest instead creating each as a separate movie, then asking us about the loadMovie(); method. I have lots of notes on that subject. :slight_smile:

roflmao… I love the cartoons Kimee… especially dancing while drunk.\r\rIt’s not the major league productions that have made Flash the great medium it is. It’s people like yourself who take the time to play around and have some fun.