3 years old kid music video

This is a 3 years old girl singing. I know, the song is in Romanian , but I think it’s really worth watching.

The translation would go something like this:

My coat is on the hook
The sun seems to be doomed
And nothing’s really good since
I’m thinking about Ghitza…
But Ghitza’s not in town
I know, I’ve asked around
It seems that he is gone
To get some food…

Hard, it is very hard.
I Want, but don’t know what I want.
Of me, I know you too are fond…
So tell me, Ghitza whatcha gonna do?
Either come or go,
Tell me either yes or no.
So please, don’t make me mad
Ghitza, what’s up with your life?


Ghitza, I’ll wait for you tonight by the gate
Near the gate of the school. Do come,
But when you come don’t come as you do…
Usually, empty handed. Who else
Is gonna wait for you as I do?…
A whole night, just for you my Ghitza?
Show me just one other girl who
Loves you as much as I do!