3D and Flash MX

I have to make life-like realistic looking 3D animations in Flash MX. What I have in mind right now is to use software such as 3ds max or something similar and make a Quicktime movie and then import it into Flash MX and use it.

Is there any other solution other than this? I understand that Swift 3D v3 is really good. Any reviews that are out there or an evaluation copy?


i believe www.swift3d.com has an evaluation copy although they didnt for v2 so i dunno.

3ds max is your best bet in my opinion for a 3d util and then just import it to flash. there are things that will export from 3ds to flash so you don’t need to make it an avi.

the other thing you could do is just video tape something. if you need a life like animation … maybe you should just film it =)

hope this helps

Thanks for the reply!

They dont have an evaluation copy.

Also v3 of Swift 3D looks really promising atleast on their website. So I thought I would give it a try.

The other issue is that when you import the quicktime movie rendered using 3ds or Cinema 4D into Flash MX then there is a huge loss in quality. So I am king of stuck in between. Also rendering transperancies like Glass etc., takes a lot of time using 3ds or Cinema 4D.

Videotaping is really not an option for me! I have used this before but you know how people whom you work for are!! They always want the best!