Rendering with 3d studio max

I just learned that you can´t render textures ect with the swift 3d max plugin.That´s bad.
What I would like to know is how can I render in studio max an animation so I could import it to Flash mx:sigh:
I heard something about rendering+shockwave how does it work?

Thank you in advanced!:trout:

does the output from 3dsmax have to be interactive? you could always export a MOV from 3dsmax and import it info FlashMX… or were you thinking of something more complex?

You have two options for animation. Render to a video format (.MOV or .AVI), then import the video into Flash MX. You can render an indexed file list (i.e. sequence of .PNG files), then import the image sequence into Flash (simulated video). With PNG’s, you can use this if you want to the effect of a transparent background in the animation.