3d graphics

Is there a way to do a 3d panel with clear buttons imbedded into it and a color beneath the button layer that changes on rollover?

It isn’t that hard to do with photoshop, but can it be done with flash?

I can’t seem to place button layers behind a cut out section of a panel.

got a pic (photoshop) to show what you’re trying to get it to look like?

here is a link to the type of pic I am talking about:
<a href=http://www.cc.utah.edu/~tsw30960>link</a>

Im curious to see how this one goes.

I would use the transparent glass from photoshop (clear) and turn to graphic and adjust alpha, and just place some color circle mc’s on a layer below my photoshop button panel. Of course, in order for it to look right. The “bubble”, as mentioned above, needs to be clear and separate from the panel itself.

That’s my two cents.