3d logo tutorial. yes or no?

Hey , ive been asked by a few people on how i created my last avatar, which was a 3d version of my old logo.

Vote yes or no to a tutorial … which will cover importing illustrator files into maya… using bevel plus to achieve the 3d elements. and maybe some simple texturing and lighting (the tutorial will be too long if i get too much into these ) …

so vote yes or no…



hey soulty, hows the tut coming along?

btw, senocular, have you finished that fla->php email tut, i want to hava look at it :slight_smile:

and wheres that DDD guy? :h: Hasnt been on here for quite a while, helped me quite a bit when i just started coming here…

hey sgroove, its coming :wink: just need to structure it, without running through a video type tutorial it is much harder to go through even something as simple as a 3d logo, there is so much to it. I was reconsidering maybe a cut down version of the tutorial just to show bevel plus tool, instead of running through the entire 3d logo tutorial,

give me some time and i will see.


oh and DDD has been around, hes busy working on his site and with clients work, he said he will be around more when thats all finished or slows down.

*Originally posted by sgroove *
btw, senocular, have you finished that fla->php email tut, i want to hava look at it :slight_smile:

Yeah, Kirupa should be uploading it to the site soon. In the mean time, see if you cant get it here:


ok see you then :slight_smile:

hey soulty, i had a look at the front page of your site,

what prog did you use to create that centre image? and how were you able to get the outline of it and all the colors and design?

i wanna do something for my frontpage but god… i dnot have ne starting points, i still dont have ne ideas how to start my logo :puzzled:

you talking about the coming soon page (splash page)? or you talking about the site itself?

the coming soon one

created it in photoshop , sliced it up in fireworks, took it to dreamweaver , applied javascript to the buttons. and tiling to background.

:: btw when you visited my site, did a little icon appear next to your address bar… im trying to get the favourites icon to work, i think you need to bookmark the site for it to work.

thres no icon… Hey did you plan to go to USYD or UNSW?

Wha :h:

university of sydney or new south wales…

finished my studies, finished a 3 year advanced diploma course at Hornsby Tafe. (college) last year.

your a free man :slight_smile:

lol, free as i want to be… though i wouldnt mind studing a specialised course in multimedia.

ok, i have come to a cross road… the tutorial is getting huge, and will be pretty hard to explain in a html type tutorial without aiming it to people that already know maya… I got my hands on a evaluation of screenflash 1.45 and it works pretty sweet with my computer. Thought the file size hits about 8-9 meg… (i can save as low quality, havent tried that yet)

Is this too big for most people?.. if so i will just try to explain in the html based tutorial as much as i can… without getting into it too far.

And ive decided not to use my old avatar logo as the tutorial model, i wasent too sure about giving out my .ai file of my logo, i dont mind giving it to kirupa people but there are alot more people other than kirupa members that go to the tutorial section of the site, so instead i created something similar to it but with a K (kirupa) twist. Its not the same , but follows the same principals.

get back to me with your answers…


8-9 megs, yes, I would say thats too big. I think basic screen grabs will suffice. If people have Maya, Im sure they wont be using this tutorial alone to learn it. Expect some level of competency.

not using your avatar? Perfectly fine. A K of some sort is a great alternative.

ok kool, ill stick with the html, it not too bad, just was fun to use screenflash, and it ran quite good on my computer, at 1024 X 768 @ 75 refresh rate. Its pretty Cool to see how you work, u pick up some intresting faults in your own methods. and from something like 1200+ frames it only ended up being 9 meg.

::oh and the K logo i came up with actually looks pretty cool. simple but decent.

cool cool…