3D navigation

Hey, I’m designing a site for an environmentally friendly junk band that I’m in.
There’s no content on here yet, but I just wanted feedback about the navigation made using swift3D V2 and F5.


Ps. The objects are old chemical barrells, which are our main instruments. It’s not completely random. Thanks in advance.

its nice man … keep it up …
somethig that i noticed … the buttons even if they dont show after u click on a link … they are Still clickable ?!

it would be nice if the barrels had a texture on them … but i quess swift doesnt do that … have to go with 3d studio max

looks good

¨˜”°º• angelizer •º°”˜¨

Thanks. I noticed the button thing before, but it conveniently slipped my mind, thanks for the reminder, guess I should go and fix it and get some content in there.

That’s a great take on those popular zooming rectangles! I like the effect how it is kind of blurry when you go. I agree it could use some texture, but it’s a great start!