Great site. Is this possible using Swift?


See this great Flash/3D web site with an excellent circular 3D nav bar. The only down side is the 40 some second dowload on a 56 K modem.

Does anybody think the nav bar could be created solely in Swift? The designer made the Nav bar in “Cinema 7.3” (around $1,800; ouch!) and imported it into Swift. Thanks in advance. Gavin.

I see no reason why not.

There is also a less expensive prog called cool 3d, which allows import of vector files (you can create in Fireworks, Illustrator, etc.) then extrudes them to 3d, and gives you lots of bevels, textures, etc. great for the novice. is a great resource for this type of prog…Note: this is not a legal copy, just buy the prog, later on, if you like it…

hope this helps,


hey REV the kick me page downloads do not work got any other good links??

that can be done very easily in swift v3

you’ll have a bit of trouble with those shadows. You could model the interface quite easily in swift, but you’d have you do the shadows elsewhere (I’d do it using photoshop).

Slick site though… not very often you see something inspiring any more.

just curious why would he have probs with the shadows.

Very nice site. Swift 3d does not allow you to produce blurred shadows, only direct outline shadows. But this entire site could be made with Flash, Photoshop and Swift v3. I like this site. I think they did do it in Swift.