3D progs?

I have absolutly no experience in 3D progs. I really can’t draw either :frowning: I don’t really want to do anything sick, but just maybe make a 3D logo for my site and preloader. Could anyone give advise a good program to use, please keep in mind I’m a noob at 3D, and I really don’t have 4 hours a day to put into this. I here good things about 3D studio max.

Thanks Yall

you’ll find all the tuts for 3D programs you need here:

If you want to create simple stuff like logos then I suggest using swift3D. It’s probably the easiest to learn and more affordable than other 3D programs.

yeah swift 3d is perfect even tho I use max and LW I enjoy swift for its ease of use and flash compatibility. Got to www.erain.com for more info. Another proggy that is cool is plasma. I do some complex modelling in there then bring it into swift. www.discreet.com for that one. It is a dumbed down version of max so you get some cool modelling while setting up for the big mamma 3ds max.

thanks a lot guys, i can get a copy of swift 3D so im going to give that a shot

Like the SOAD footer.



SOAD footer??

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**Like the SOAD footer. **

thanks :slight_smile:

3d-iva:::: he means system of a down