3d rotating text solution required

Hi, im very new… like many people im trying to make a cv homepage to show off my designs and ideas and little ability with MX.

All is down on paper first… im stupidly methodical i think, yet one solution to an idea evades me.

Maybe it’s gonna be a case of ActionScripting (to which i am a nul) to achieve the desired effect but here goes in explaining…

if you imagine a car tyre revolving in space on a perpendicular axis, then this is how i want my text to turn to display block texts of information.

erm let me try again… i would like to know if its possible to make a block of text rotate from bottom to top, and as it goes over the top and around the back, ready to come round the bottom again, it can be seen slightly faded out and in upside-down… again like a kind of transparent wheel/tyre effect.

The idea’s there, the know how is with you!! if you’ve got time to look at it???
maybe you’ll prefer that i sketch out the idea ?? i think ive got one now… ok see attachment…


Matthew Padgett.