3D vector animation of people

I’m trying to figure out how to make a 3d vector animation of a person walking or dancing. more specifically, the outline of a person walking/dancing.

I’ve seen this before on other sites, but can’t remember where. sometimes it’s the 3d outline animation, sometimes its a single-color 2d animation. does that make sense. I’ll try to post an example if I find one.

Anyway, does anyone know this process and have an example or know of a place that shows how it’s done? thanks.

I’ve seen this effect done with Flix. Look them up and you will see an example just like what you have described.

Most of this “people” stuff is video, passed to 2 colors, and then swf-encoded (Flix or Sorenson Squeeze or After Effects)

OK. awesome. This is exactly what I’m looking for…

Wildform Flix Vector Video

You can do color, two color, grayscale, and outline. Time to get a DV camera!=)

Thanks Iammontoya

It is actually possible to do this (kinda) just using Flash. It’s a time consuming process, but since I don’t have one of those fancy video doodads it’s the best I can do.

I just took a series of photographs of someone doing something, scanned them in, traced them, then made a frame by frame animation. Time consuming and high on file size, but maybe smaller than a video thing.

Theres a tutorial on how to do it at

You just need after effects.