Hi there,

I was wondering how i would make a 3-D shape in Flash, then have the shape move in accordance to mouse position.

eg. be able to rotate/flip a cube or a triangular prism just by moving the mouse around.

I don’t own any 3D programs, so is there any way i can sorta cheat and make 3D shapes in Flash?

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Well the shape would have to be made with actionscript to be able to produce that 3D look…I’ll search for a tutorial on that if I can find one but pom is the pro at finding tutorials!

click to go to a site full of trial & full versions of software,you will find usefull stuff here!

And see the attachment for a 3D animation

Thx DMX but the Vortex thing doesn’t really help me… i want to be able to move the thing like X Y mouse position, but i dunno how to do that… :frowning:

hummm the only good way to do 3D in flash I’ve found is using swift 3d… but then I don’t know of any way for flash to move the animation around itself. Flash doesn’t know how to create motion between 3d objects. But I’m sure there’s a way to do it with action script, since 3-d in flash is just a whole bunch of keyframes. I dunno, like when the mouse is over a certain area the clip of 3-d is advanced one frame… without swift you could create all the frames of a 3d animation yourself and go from there but that would take way too long and I honestly don’t know what I’m talking about anymore.


click on the link I gave you b4 ok.

by the way,heres another vortex with movement.

here’s an example of the effect i want to achieve… it’s sorta 3D, but either way i don’t know how to do it…

it’s the shape you can rotate with your mouse

To do that, you need to programme a 3D engine. Kinda hard on the math formulas. If you want, I’ve built one, very easy to customize. Or do you want to make it yourself?
Here’s an idea of what I’ve done: http://membres.lycos.fr/museebranly/flash/contest/bit3D14.html

pom :asian:

Hey Ilyas, I personally would love to learn how to do something like that. I need to start learning the Math part of AS now that I got most of the other stuff figured out.

Mmm, I didn’t notice this was the F5 Forum… It doesn’t make too much difference, only the fill is only doable with MX.

For a very good introduction to this, you can check Brandon Williams’ site (I don’t have the address, sorry, just use google). Lots of math, lots of fun, a beautiful fla (in Flash 5): a great site (he’s a real genius).

pom :asian:

I am a Flash MXer right here…haha.

<B><I>EDIT: Ilyas: did you ever get that JS script I posted for your friend?</I></B>

hey sure, thx pom, i’d be happy if you’d build me a 3-D thing. How the heck do you start making the math formulas, though? it seems so confusing… :-\

Lost>> Nope. I haven’t been there much lately, and I must have missed it. Can you repost? Please?

Nat> You’re using Flash 5, right? It would be better if you had MX though… Anyway, the 3D engine basics:

You have a basic structure that is a point. It has 3 properties: x position, y position and z position. Be careful, these are different from _x and _y (precisely because there’s a z component).

The most practical way to represent this is an array (you could even consider building a new class Point, subclass of Array, and give it particular methods and all, now that I think of it --> Flash MX, of course).

Now that we have the point’s position, we have to rotate it. To do so, you have to get into linear algebra and some aspirin. Because you are going to use rotation matrixes, yeah baby, yeah!! I don’t have time to explain that (besides, Brandon Williams did it quite extensively on his site), but basically you can get the new point after rotation by multiplying the current point by particular values, depending around which direction you want to rotate.

And that’s it! :stuck_out_tongue: Before I go on, was that part clear?

pom :asian:

All Clear here. I actually did something like this on a Graphing Calculator, so I know exactly what you mean there. We used forumlas and matrices to rotate a cube.

hey thx lol that sounds complicated… i don’t have MX because i don’t have any money, i’m not yet 18…

Well, Nat, no offence here, but I’m afraid it will be hard for you to understand. [SIZE=1]I sound like Obi Wan, don’t you think? You’re still young, Anakin, and still have much to learn about the force…[/SIZE] I’ll try and make you a fla.

And Lost, if you’ve done that already, you can check Ultrashock (but I think it is also in Fresh Flash) for a killer tutorial by Brandon Williams about cameras in Flash. 3D classes and all, a real nightmare. :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :asian:

Ok, that tutorial explained mostly how to multiply matrices, but I already knew that. So now it is time for me to get crackin on some equations and bump up on my arrays knowledge. Shouldn’t be TOO difficult.

well yea, i’m quite new to flash… but i taught myself all my other programs/programming languages, but i seem to be having the most trouble w. flash… maybe taking a course in it isn’t such a bad idea.

Lost>> Did you check the files???

pom :asian:

Oh wow, I feel stupid, I didn’t even notice that little link in the corner that says source files. I downloaded them now. I will check them out later.