see attachment,it is not FMX it is a animator for 3D.:slight_smile:

Your file says “Not a valid archive” when I try to open it. Then nothing shows up.

Ah-ha! I can almost follow what you guys are talking about! In my c++ class we did arrays and stuff, passing numbers, interchanging them… but I still have so much to learn!!!


by the way pom how did you get so **** smart about all this nonsense?!?!?

I swear I’ve never seen you post a question (I’ve been here for a while, just on a different name)

And you answer every question! all of them with ease and understanding!

So I am therefore led to believe that you are in fact a robot, a robotic computer that contains every bit of information about every language and program in the world, your sole purpose in your robotic life being to answer questions…

no other explanation I tell you…

lol i agree, i’m having soo much trouble learning this stuff… i mean you have to be a math whiz to do the algebra, and he just like makes it up for fun…

Thanks for the nice word, but I’m not that good really :slight_smile: I wish I was…

pom :slight_smile:

And I do ask questions ! [SIZE=1]sometimes…[/SIZE]

see attached again.

I have seen that on Ultrashock. I am looking more for 3d squares for right now.

POM: No one really knows EVERYTHING about a language, except the people who create it, but compared to us, you know enough for us to say you know everything.

If that makes any sense at all.

I’m sure you can change the code somehow to make it to a square.:slight_smile:

That is true, I am sure I could, but what fun is that:)

I love making things difficult for myself. Well I hate that I do it, but I guess it helps me learn better. So it has it’s ups and downs.