3ds Max model

Hey there! I got 3ds max recently, version 5 from discreet.
Anyways i’ve gone through half a tutorial on how to model, it was so god **** boring to just read and follow the tutor so I decided to start my own work!

Here’s what i’ve come up so far. I like it very much because this is my first model.

And if anyone has a “tank” texture, I can’t find any good ones inside Max. You know those WW2 kind of colors blue/grayish camouflage stuff. Please post it here!

I’m going to add more details when I get to know more, right now im trying to model the “wheels”.

wow, you could do tanks and airplanes and explosions, then add some effects in photoshop or something like that.:slight_smile:

Interesting. I’d model the turret and the tracks as separate objects, since they exist as separate objects in real life. Tanks are a boxy shape so you could start with a box and add detail from there.

For the textures you could use a Max “Perlin Marble” texture and adjust the colours. This is a procedural texture and will give you a quick “camoflage” like look if you adjust the colours and other parameters (just have a fiddle).

If you have photoshop you could sample from photographs and paint your own textures. I’d suggest you do a few tuts on texture mapping before you try this. It took me a long time to get to grips with max’s UVW mapping (I’m still learning now).

Ah, ok ironikart, ill go take some texturing tuts. Btw check your PM’s! :slight_smile:

not to bad for first day. i should try it. lol thats like beond me and i have had it for a long time now lol.