3dsmax No0b

Ok im an extreme noob to 3d in general, just got 3dsmax and got a question. I’ve looked through the tutorials list in this forum and still have no clue how to simply put a texture onto a shape. Please help. Thanks

this might come in handy: http://www.3dcafe.com/asp/tutorials/max/materials/materials.asp

to apply a bitmap texture to you mesh open up material editor, click on a sample sphere, click on the grey squared button next to the diffuse color in the basic parameters rollout, choose your bitmap and apply it to your mesh! [see more detailed information in the link ]

Thank you much. Very helpfull :slight_smile:

www.3dbuzz.com <- go there and sign up. then download their VTM’s, you wont regret it!

I second mdipi’s idea, 3d buzz is one of the best places to get “FREE” , yes you heard me right, FREE tutorial videos, and the quality is better than some costly tutorial video i’ve seen. Highly recommended!! :!: :!: :beam: