4 all those StarWars phreaks out there

have phun!



:crazy: :thumb: (-:

I’ve see nthe first 2 but not hte 3rd. That 3rd one is awsome.

hahah me either Sintax… that 3rd one is great!

I also am a big fan of the matrix one, that’s for sure :slight_smile:

i thought they are really dumbb. i got stuff off kazaa that was mislabelled from something and was really star wars kid. i wanna kill him :slight_smile:

The matrix one is by far the best. But that 3rd one is great too. I don’t know if I’d be embarassed if that was me, or if I’d feel honored that I’m such an internet icon and people spend so much time making videos about me :P.

Holy crap… the third one!

  • Soul :s:

I’d like to see the Matrix one!

Anyone have the link?

Cya! :thumb: